The Passion of Mary Cardwell Dawson

In August of 2021, Sandra Seaton’s play with music, The Passion of Mary Cardwell Dawson with original music by composer Carlos Simon, premiered at the Glimmerglass Festival. In August of 2022, an expanded version of The Passion of Mary Cardwell Dawson was staged at Glimmerglass Festival with additional performances in 2023 at the Kennedy Center.

Sally: A Solo Play

Mistress, Common-law wife, or First Lady? Sally Hemings, the sister of Jefferson’s deceased wife Martha, demands that Jefferson, whose days are numbered, must keep his promise to free their children. In the solo play SALLY the stakes are high. Does Jefferson’s will soothe the grief, the memories held by blood kin, or does it revive old wounds and become a battleground?

Nominated for a 2023 Pulitzer Prize!

Dreamland: Tulsa

A performance to remember. A choir of over 100 voices, actors and orchestra, Garrett’s brilliant, resounding hymns and Seaton’s gripping text with its powerful dramatic interludes will transport you to this historic time that has been out of our public psyche for far too long.

Dancer in a forest

The First Bluebird in the Morning

The First Bluebird in the Morning is composer Carlos Simon’s newly-commissioned setting of verses by Sandra Seaton—sobering, heartfelt and moving.

Night Trip

On a July evening in 1958, Wesley and Mack, Black WW II veterans, arrive at their sister’s apartment in Chicago to pick up their niece. Conchetta has been waiting all summer to see her relatives—her grandmother, her aunts, her “play aunts.” The 16 year old’s vision of small town life in Tennessee stands in sharp contrast to the world of steel and concrete she is about to leave.

The Bridge Party

The Bridge Party portrays the strength of a group of black women who gather for their weekly bridge game as they cope with a house-to-house search of the black community in the wake of a lynching. The setting of The Bridge Party is the meeting of an African American women’s bridge club in the South of the 1940’s.